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ecogarden was established in 2006 by qualified horticulturist and indigenous plant specialist Sam Sproal. Drawing upon a Bachelor of Science in Sustainable Development (Murdoch University), Cert 3 in Horticulture, and over 17 years of experience, Sam can help you create an outstanding outdoor environment that doesn't 'cost the earth'. 

the ecogarden philosophy
ecogarden is committed to environmentally responsible and sustainable landscaping. As such we always endeavour to:

- use recycled, reclaimed, plantation and sustainably grown timbers
- minimise the use of materials which are energy intensive in their production or supply chain

- eliminate products that impact negatively on the environment

- minimise disturbance to soil structure and retain soil on-site where possible
- incorporate local indigenous vegetation, providing food and a habitable resource for native fauna
- reduce water use by designing gardens that require natural rainfall only

- reduce the use of fertilisers by using plant species that are adapted to local conditions
- incorporate elements of passive solar design and permaculture
- encourage the installation of production area's within the landscape, ie; vegetable gardens, fruit trees.

- design landscapes that require little ongoing maintenance


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